Production Journal “Detention”


These three links here are three production journals which i wrote on our trailer “Detention”. In the journal I had to answer five questions which were:

1.Tell me what you’ve learned during the past week?

2.How will you use the things you’ve learned in your production?

3.What difficulties did you have during the past week?

4.What ideas did you have that you can use in this and future projects?

5. Describe your team’s progress on the project?


Movie Genre Cliches

For Media I am currently studying the Crime movie genre. Some of the Cliches what happen in every Crime movie are:

  1. There is always a good cop in the movie. e.g Commissioner Gordon

2.  In a lot of crime movies there is a scene where the main character is in the club especially The VIP section.

3. The good guy will have a tape recorder and replay it to the criminal and prove their guilty of their crime.

4. The protagonist when copping a massive beating will come out of it like nothing happened and not looked injured at all. e.g James Bond in Casino Royal he gets beaten up and nearly die and he just waltz back into the room like nothing happen.


Best Films from 2008 to 2016

2008- Step Brothers: I choose this movie because this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

2009- The Blind Side: I choose this movie because i found it very interesting and is a true story which makes it better.

2010- Toy Story 3: I choose this movie because i have always liked Toy Story and this one was really good. Also Lotso plays his character very well.



2011- Fast and Furious 5: I choose this because this is my favourite Fast and Furious movie and it had a great storyline.


2012- Ted: I choose this because i really liked this movie and i couldnt stop laughing throughout.


2013- Grown Ups 2: I choose this movie because i enjoyed the first one and this one beat that so it was good. Also i watched it a lot.


2014- 22 Jump Street: I choose this movie because ive watched it so many times and always enjoy it. The cast was also really good aswell.



2015- Star Wars: The Force Awakens: I choose this because i have always liked Star Wars and couldn’t wait for this movie to come out.


2016- Deadpool: I choose this movie because this is one of the best superhero movies and was really funny.